Friday, February 22, 2013


WILL YOU, OR DID YOU WATCH?  Watch what, you ask. Oh, the red carpet event this Sunday evening.  AKA the "Oscars". Some of you will. Some of us won't.  When I was a young man, even a little older man, I used to enjoy going to the movies.  They were good stories that you could watch and enjoy and maybe even remember, if it was a particularly impressive movie. 
Even the "night" scenes were filmed with a filter over the lens or with enough light that you could see what was happening. Now, they seem to be filmed in the dark, even the day light scenes.  At least the TV shows are and the movie trailers that are shown on TV.  I guess they are so bad, they don't want you to know what is going on.  And most of the TV shows are so vulgar and suggestive, and the movie trailers are the same, that I don't even want to see them any way.  Dark or not. So, whoever wins the Oscar's this weekend, I just have to wonder if they even know what they won for, or was they told in the light before filming in the dark. I'm just glad I won't be around long enough to see the final chapter of this earth's demise, and I fear for those of you who might be. I can only hope that all those in the media who foster the celebrity of those who are in the entertaining arts or the sports figures who are held up as Hero's some day come to realize that the bulk of these people have a very low moral code.  And I hope that those of us who idealize them come to realize that also, before we become numb to the real values and think that their values are OK, thus leading the country further down the immoral path that it now seems to be on.  And THAT'S THE RANT FROM THE DITCH BANK.


  1. So I shouldn't say I'll be watching the Oscars?

  2. That's up to you. I just voiced my biased opinion on the matter.


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