Thursday, January 10, 2013

First post of 2013

ARE THEY ALL OSTRICHES?  And yes, I am talking about the folks in Washington, D.C.  And when I said all, I meant all.  From the President down to the Senate and the House.  Why do I ask that question.  Well, it sure wasn't to denigrate an Ostrich.  Rumor has it that an Ostrich has it's head in the sand, thus not being able to see or acknowledge what is going on around them.  I have since learned that such is not actually the case, at least for the Ostrich.  Not so sure about those in D.C.  Again, I say, why do I say that.  Well, let me mention a few  
(2 ? ) reasons.  
1. The budget.  This country has been running on an out of control spending spree with no budget for years now.  The Senate won't come up with a budget and they won't pass any thing that the house comes up with.  It is not a government of the people, by the people for the people.  Now they have passed a spending/tax bill to avoid the fiscal cliff.  Since we had went over the cliff before that bill was passed, I sure would like to have that kind of power.  You know, so when I drive over a cliff, I can reverse it while on the way down.  They didn't solve any thing, just added to the problem.  Even the talking heads on the liberal media that are all in love with the administration predicts a fight for the near future in the political powers that be.  And guess who will be the winner.  Won't be us, McGee.

2.  Gun Control.  I am heart sick and feel very much sorrow for those in Sandy Hook as well as in Colorado and Arizona and, and  well, you get the picture.  But with all the uproar over gun control, laws will be passed and the only one they will affect will be the honest gun owners.  Those with a criminal bent and those with mental problems that are intent on committing a mass murder will continue to do so, and all the laws that Washington can pass won't stop them.  I encourage all with in the view of this message to let your congressmen and women know that they need to be responsible when they pass legislation that affects the many millions of responsible and honest citizens of this country and they need to protect the 2nd amendment.  Vice president Biden has stated that if they congress don't pass a bill controlling guns, the President will issue an executive order doing that.  That, folks, is against the constitution.  

3.  A final comment.  Congress may pass bills to come up with a budget, raise the debt ceiling and raise taxes and control guns, even to the point of making legal gun owners register all guns and they might even put controls on the amount of ammunition you can buy.  they might "fix" a lot of things, ( and I said might, with tongue in cheek ) but there is one thing they will never be able to fix.  And that is stupid.  You just can't fix stupid.  And the knee jerk things that they seem to come up with is stupid.  And they will never fix the things they could fix, if they were concerned with the people and not their next election.  And if they would play partisan politics.

4.  The State of New Mexico has a republican governor, ( and she is doing a wonderful job ) and she is working with a democrat controlled legislature, and they get along for the most part. And New Mexico is one of the States that is in the black in their fiscal dealings.  In spite of the past governors shady dealings.  The feds could come here ( or even New Jersey ) and take a lesson on how to run the country.


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