Friday, January 6, 2012


MODERN TECHNOLOGY; PFFFFT. Well, some of it, any way. A friend recently posted on her face book page something like this. " I have a computer desk top, a laptop, a smart phone, an I pod, an e mail account, a face book account. All of which keeps me entertained and connected to my friends. I wonder if that will be an accepted excuse for not studying the scriptures." That is not a direct quote of what she said, but just a general idea. My wife and I also have a computer. Even though neither of us has ever been in jail, we also have cell phones. Most of the time, they are turned off. We do not text or tweet. We can text, of we have to, but we don't use texting as a general rule. Shucks, we don't even turn our cell phones on, unless we leave the house, and happen to remember to take them with us and actually turn them on. Often when we do turn them on, we find that someone has sent us a text message that may be days old. I recently called a local pharmacy, well a pharmacy in the local area, but is part of a very large chain. the conversation went something like this. Welcome to Walgreen's. If you would like this, press 1 or that press 2 or something else press 3 etc. Finally arriving at the proper number I pressed it. Only to go through a similar spiel to finally press 0 to actually talk to someone. It took several minutes to get to a live person to spend 15 seconds to ask a question and receive an answer. Wouldn't it have been easier to just dial a number and have them pick up and say, Welcome to Walgreen's, how can I help you. May not help them, but it sure would help me.
Now, I am not against modern technology. I am using a computer to write this blog which can be read all over the world within a few seconds of my posting it. Course it won't be read all over the world, but the capability is there. I can take a digital picture and e mail it to family or friends instantly. There are many things that are good and are used by even me. But sometimes, it can be so frustrating. And it is good just to have a face to face conversation, shoot even a phone to phone conversation, without having to go through a lot of "press this number for". Sometime I think people and businesses complicate the most simple of things. Just cause they have the technology to do it with. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.

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