Friday, December 23, 2011


ARE YOU WITH EVERY ONE? A few days ago, MLWFAE and I were watching the QVC shopping channel. They were selling something that "Every one" just had to have. Get one now, before they become available to the public in February. I don't even remember just what it was. But I didn't need one. The item prior to that one was a little tablet of some kind that "Every one" had to get. Why? Well, cause your kids could watch movies on it and not be bored when you traveled. I guess here I need to apologize to my kids, cause I would not have bought one when they were growing up, even had they been available. When we traveled, they could read, but we tried to encourage them to look at the country side. Some of it was more pretty than others, but it was all intriguing. As my wife and I now travel, we still find the country side intriguing, even though we have seen some of it hundreds of times. Still, even as it remains the same, it changes. There are so many electronic items available now, that it is hard to keep up with what they are and what they do, that it makes the mind boggle. In my old mind, emphasis on old, there is nothing better on a snowy winter day, than to settle down by the fire, wood, of course, a hot chocolate and a good book. Maybe play games. No, not on the TV or the phone or the whatever is out there now. But real games, with cards and game boards and game pieces. And interacting as a family. Now that is what "every one" needs. And That Is The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. If you came up here you could play games with us and the Gibsons on Christmas. And Thanksgiving. And random Sunday afternoons.

  2. Ooooooh. Yeah. What Sharon said. Sammy and I just finished 2 rousing games of Sorry. He loves 'em. And can't wait to do a big puzzle with Grandma while we're down there...

  3. Or here as well, there are puzzles and games and laughing.....

  4. We regularly have board game nights with friends. Used to even play boardgames at work during lunch. In fact, you can see what games we own by going here:

    :) Great little site.


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