Friday, January 7, 2011

View From The Ditch Bank

A CONTINUATION: What is coming in the next 358 days. Do I know? Nope. Do I care? Yep. Do I have predictions? Not really. Some thoughts, maybe? Uh! Yeah, I guess. Along with a few comments. The first thing the Republicans did was to read the Constitution from the floor of the house. Never been done before. So, about time. Will it make a difference? Time will tell, but probably not. Can they balance the budget? Not any time soon. And it will take a lot of work. And cooperation from the members of Congress. The next thing the new House did was to announce that they were going to repeal the health care bill. Won't happen. They will try. And waste time and money. But it won't happen. What could, and I said COULD, happen, is for both sides to set down together and rework the bill to a more workable document. Will that happen. Time will tell. President Obama will want a lot of things, but will spend a lot of the next two years campaigning for a 2nd term. Who will run against him? Again, don't know. There are several predictions out there, but so far no one has officially announced. Sarah Palin? Maybe, but I don't think so. I like Sarah. She is down to earth and would make a good have made a good president. But, now, I think she has kinda shot herself in the foot. Mitt Romney? Again rumors. He is a good financial man. If congress worked with him, he could balance the budget by the end of his first term. Does he have a good handle of foreign affairs and other items? Don't know. But then, that's why they have advisors. Mike Huckabee? Stay tuned, the next two years may turn out to be interesting.
As for New Mexico's new governor. She has been in office for one week. She has said that she wants to balance the State Budget. She has taken steps to do that, but without some major changes somewhere, she is fighting an uphill battle. She has fired most of the previous governor's political appointees, and cut the salaries of cabinet level employees. She has put the new State jet up for sale. She fired two Chefs, saying she knew how to cook. She did retain a short order cook and an assistant. She has made headway, but so far the savings is kinda like eating pudding with a fork. It can be done, but will take a while. Again Stay tuned. The legislature meets later this month, for the start of a 60 day session. What will happen? Don't know. I just know this Half of your trouble comes from wanting your way. The other half comes from getting it. And that is The View From The Ditch Bank

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